NFL Draft: Rounds 1-7, top picks, analysis, trades, Myles Garrett to Cleveland Browns

THE 2017 NFL Draft is over, with the Browns picking up a star defensive end, while no Australian was selected.

Here’s every pick, analysis, and more!

The draft began on Friday, with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announcing Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett as the first pick by the Cleveland Browns.

With defensive studs everywhere in this draft, NFL teams turned offensive after the first few picks. With an emphasis on quarterbacks. Hardly stunning in a pass-happy league, except that no quarterbacks in this crop have been highly touted. Yet three went in the first dozen on draft night, with two surprising trades putting the Bears and Chiefs in position to grab QBs. Chicago paid a whopping price to move up one spot to second overall for North Carolina’s Mitchell Trubisky, giving the San Francisco 49ers their 2017 No. 3 pick as well as a third and fourth round pick and a third round pick at next year’s draft.

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