NBA Finals: Michael Jordan ‘grossly overrated’, writes FOX Sports US’s Andrew Lynch, LeBron comparison

MICHAEL Jordan’s undefeated NBA Finals record is one of the most astonishing accomplishments in all of professional sports.

It’s also grossly overrated.

We lionise Jordan as unquestionably the greatest of all time because he went 6-for-6 for six MVPs in championship series, but we forget the context — and we use that perfect record as the ultimate cudgel in the battle between Jordan and LeBron James.

No matter how great The King might be, he can never ascend to His Airness’ throne. LeBron lost in the Finals (multiple times!), and Jordan didn’t. End of story — assuming you hate the slightest bit of nuance in your life.

Truly, Jordan was extraordinarily great. Yet as impressive as Jordan’s legacy is, there are five reasons you might be overlooking LeBron to celebrate MJ.

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